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Regenerate Our Soil

We will not settle for sustainable. We will work towards building our soils back to a more productive state.

Regenerate Our Business

We will build a solid business structure and improve the financial performance of the business.

Regenerate Agriculture

We will promote positive change to the agriculture industry by being leaders and innovative in our management practices. 









Borderland Agriculture is owned and operated by Brooks and Jen White along with our two young children. Found in the extreme southwestern corner of Manitoba, we are a 5th generation family farm with a location at Lyleton and Pierson. We are fortunate to still have the 4th generation (Ron and Wendy) active on the home farm. The name of the farm represents our location with the land bordering both Saskatchewan and North Dakota. The farm is always busy with the diversity of enterprises and at times of the year involves a team of 8+ people all working towards the vision of our operation, "Regenerate". 


As part of our vision statement, the main focus on the farm is integrating bison production into a diverse poly-culture. Some of the crops grown include winter wheat, rye, oats, corn, soybeans, faba beans, peas, canola, hemp, lentils and sunflowers. Two thirds of the annual production in 2017 included the use of inter-crops, companion crops and cover-crops and in 2019 this has increased to around ninety percent and continues to increase. As these cropping practices have been adopted, there is improvement to the biology of the soil and a reduction to the need for inputs. We offer custom seed blends for your unique needs and can help with your cover crop/intercropping design. 

600 bison are integrated into the farm to help to build healthy soils and add value to the operation. Our bison spend their life grazing all year round as nature intended. We offer quality breeding animals and grass fed, inspected, top quality bison meat. The bison industry is very strong and the future looks very promising as North America moves forward with plans to expand production.

By using regenerative agriculture, everything works as an ever changing ecosystem. We are care takers of not only the land, plants, and bison, but also the great Canadian wildlife, and those who live and work on the farm, or as Jen likes to call them, our "FARMILY." 


Visitors are welcomed to the farm at anytime and are invited to discover our world throughout our website and social media.

2019 Farmily
2018 Farmily
2017 Farmily
Winter 2016
Fall 2015
Our happily ever after!
Fall 2014
feeding time for Mickey
2013 Farmily
Wee farmer
Meals in the field
doesn't everyone check beans in a fancy dress?
checking for babies in the spring
Who wouldn't want a bison beard?
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to fence we go!
Planting fences!
Brooks and Ron on roundup day!
1st Place in the Junior Judging goes to Amber!
fencing here, fencing there, fencing everywhere!
Winter grazing
Ready for roundup
Soil your undies challenge-burial day
Soil your undies challenge-dig up
tour bus driver Ron
water infiltration testing
checking the brix levels
working hard as per usual
break time
down to the roots soil pit lesson
feeding baby Stevie
harvest time
The farmily is always busy doing something!
Brooks is always giving some kind of lesson
Summer 2018


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