Buckwheat offers advantages in right situation

Brooks White is a fifth-generation producer near Lyleton in Manitoba’s southwest. He and his family operate a regenerative farm focused on a diverse cropping system and few chemicals, and buckwheat fits their plans.

Brooks & Jen White -
Manitoba's Outstanding Young Farmers

Manitoba’s young farmers are exploring ways to maxi- mize profit from farm production, and every year one Manitoba farm family under the age of 40 is recognized by the Manitoba outstanding young farmers Program for their efforts.

Pierson couple 2018
Outstanding Young Farmers

A Pierson-area farm couple are Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2018.

Brooks and Jen White, of Borderland Agriculture, took over the family grain farm and bison ranch in 2012. It’s so named because the southern.....

The SBA Announces the Top 5 Draft Rankings


Grower-run boards promote commodities, invest in research, influence policy and provide information to improve farm management. Growers benefit from these boards, but these boards need directors and leaders....

Is regenerative the next ‘sustainable?’

“For change to happen on large-scale farms, it has to be economically viable,” he said. “It has to be on our two feet and, ultimately, I think that’s what is driving people to move that way because of the economic incentive.”

Introducing the original high stock density grazers

Bison ranchers Brooks and Jen White of Lyleton, Man., are breaking their own ground on adaptive grazing, and they’re going right back to the system’s roots to do it. It doesn’t take long to find bison mentioned on the many regenerative agriculture blogs...

Jen & Brooks White receiving the 2018 MOYF Award from Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler

Brooks and Jen White of Borderland Agriculture have been named as Manitoba's Outstanding Young Farmers (MOYF) for 2018.

Doyle Piwniuk Recognizes Brooks and Jen White from Borderland Agriculture
Regenerative agriculture by accident

Faces of Ag: Brooks and Jen White stumbled into regenerative agriculture before they knew what it was — now it’s the foundation of their farm

Man. Farmers Embrace
Regenerative Agriculture

On the Farm: The Whites grow a diverse rotation of crops, raise bison and aim to reduce inputs as much as possible.

About three years ago Brooks White had an “aha” moment.....

Bringing Home the ‘Bison’

Brooks and Jen White of Pierson, Man. were recently recognized as Manitoba’s 2018 Outstanding Young Farmers.

The couple took over the family grain farm and bison ranch in 2012, according to a release yesterday from Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers.

Pierson producers named Outstanding Young Farmers

A Pierson farming couple improving soil management by grazing bison on cropland and diversifying their crop rotation has been recognized as Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2018.




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