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Third + Bird Spring Market

April 21-23 2023

We are excited once again to be a part of this unique shopping experience along with 170 incredibly talented Canadian makers!


Things to look forward to at the 2023 Third + Bird Spring Market: inspiring visuals, food + drink, live music and infectious energy! Not to mention locally made products! And of course we will have our bison jerky and pepperoni with us as well as our BBQ boxes! (April is close enough to BBQ season, isn't it?)

Tickets will be sold online at in 2 rounds. Mark your calendars and set your alarms, as they always sell out! 

Round ONE tickets go on sale: Saturday March 11 @ 10am.

Market dates @ the Red River Exhibition Place.


5pm - 9:30pm


9am - 8pm


12pm - 4:30pm

Borderland in the NEWS

Buckwheat article.jpg
Buckwheat offers advantages in right situation

Brooks White is a fifth-generation producer near Lyleton in Manitoba’s southwest. He and his family operate a regenerative farm focused on a diverse cropping system and few chemicals, and buckwheat fits their plans.

Brooks & Jen White -
Manitoba's Outstanding Young Farmers

Manitoba’s young farmers are exploring ways to maxi- mize profit from farm production, and every year one Manitoba farm family under the age of 40 is recognized by the Manitoba outstanding young farmers Program for their efforts.

Pierson couple 2018
Outstanding Young Farmers

A Pierson-area farm couple are Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2018.

Brooks and Jen White, of Borderland Agriculture, took over the family grain farm and bison ranch in 2012. It’s so named because the southern.....

The SBA Announces the Top 5 Draft Rankings


Grower-run boards promote commodities, invest in research, influence policy and provide information to improve farm management. Growers benefit from these boards, but these boards need directors and leaders....

Brooks JEn & kids.jpg
Is regenerative the next ‘sustainable?’

“For change to happen on large-scale farms, it has to be economically viable,” he said. “It has to be on our two feet and, ultimately, I think that’s what is driving people to move that way because of the economic incentive.”

Introducing the original high stock density grazers

Bison ranchers Brooks and Jen White of Lyleton, Man., are breaking their own ground on adaptive grazing, and they’re going right back to the system’s roots to do it. It doesn’t take long to find bison mentioned on the many regenerative agriculture blogs...

Jen & Brooks White receiving the 2018 MOYF Award from Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler

Brooks and Jen White of Borderland Agriculture have been named as Manitoba's Outstanding Young Farmers (MOYF) for 2018.

Doyle Piwniuk Recognizes Brooks and Jen White from Borderland Agriculture
Regenerative agriculture by accident

Faces of Ag: Brooks and Jen White stumbled into regenerative agriculture before they knew what it was — now it’s the foundation of their farm

Man. Farmers Embrace
Regenerative Agriculture

On the Farm: The Whites grow a diverse rotation of crops, raise bison and aim to reduce inputs as much as possible.

About three years ago Brooks White had an “aha” moment.....

Bringing Home the ‘Bison’

Brooks and Jen White of Pierson, Man. were recently recognized as Manitoba’s 2018 Outstanding Young Farmers.

The couple took over the family grain farm and bison ranch in 2012, according to a release yesterday from Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers.

Pierson producers named Outstanding Young Farmers

A Pierson farming couple improving soil management by grazing bison on cropland and diversifying their crop rotation has been recognized as Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2018.


Down to the Roots Farm Tour

August 10 2018

Borderland Agriculture, Lyleton MB

A coordinator from Ducks Unlimited, who manages a local grazing club in Manitoba, had taken interest in many of the things that we are doing on our farm and thought it would make for an informative tour, so we were thrilled to be asked to host a summer tour of our farm.

Quite possibly the hottest day here in Manitoba, but we were blown away with over 80 people in attendance! The tour was balanced with a variety of topics of interest to attract existing bison producers as well as cattle and grain farmers. 

In the morning, Brooks gave a virtual tour of our farm by power point as we just couldn't get to see the whole farm that day.  We loaded up the bus and hay trailer to drive through the bison in their adaptive multi-paddock grazing system where we have been moving the herd using a single strand of temporary wire.  We carried on viewing a few different fields of inter-cropped annuals for grain production before heading back to the yard for lunch. 

The Manitoba Bison Association sponsored our bison burger lunch which was enjoyed by all.  For many, it was their first taste of bison; and Jen's homemade patties were a hit. Some credit also needs to be given to the chefs for the day. Thank you Robert Johnson and Phil Unrau! 

After lunch, we were pleased to view presentations from Kevin Elmy and Michael Thiele who spoke in depth about the basis for soil health and regenerative ag. We loaded up the convoy again and toured several multi-species cover crop mixes designed for bison grazing and inter-cropped corn with hairy vetch for winter grazing. Perhaps one of the highlights of the day for many was climbing into the soil pit to see first hand the soil structure that can be built after several years of regenerative ag. We conducted a water infiltration test at this location and measured the amount of rainfall that would be absorbed and held in place before runoff occurred. 

So many people came out and helped to make this day a success including all of our team at Borderland Agriculture and also friends and neighbors. Thankfully everything came together for this big day. It was both an honor and a privilege to be able to share what we are working towards on our farm with others!

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