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Here at Borderland, we specialize in regeneratively raised Canadian bison.

Bison meat is a flavourful, tender and lean red meat. It is similar to fine beef with a slightly sweeter and richer taste. It is a nutrient dense food due to the proportion of protein, fat, mineral and fatty acids to its caloric value. Compared to other meats, bison has a greater concentration of iron, zinc and essential fatty acids. A perfect profile for a healthier, more natural diet. 


Because we believe in regenerative agriculture, our bison spend their life roaming and grazing pastures all year round. They are raised without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. In doing so, we ensure they get the all the nutrients they need from adaptive grazing. The result is a healthier, happy life for them, and a healthier, more nutrient dense meat for us with exceptional flavour!

Bring Borderland bison to your table for a new level of excitement, taste, and nutrition!


No feedlots.

No added hormones.

No antibiotics. 

Just as nature intended.

Image by Thanti Nguyen

Where can I find Borderland bison meat? 

I'm glad you asked! Click here to shop our online store!


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bison meat for sale